Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Beauty of the Internet

Internet is a wonderful invention. I remember when I started martial arts as a young teenager, at that time, there was nothing to get more info from. Sure, there was “Black Belt” magazine, but you couldn´t find it anywhere on this part of the globe.  You could´ve order it by mail, and after a week or two of begging permission from his parents, my friend did. And fingers crossed we sat every night, talked about it and waited, ´cause you couldn´t tell if the order application has arrived there or not, until the first number came! Whoa! We barely could read any English at the time, but we were blown away by the pictures and martial art celebrities that we saw in the mag. And of course, later on, dictionary came pretty handy and that´s how we started to learn more English. J

Nowadays it is different. If some rock band (or whatever your musical genre is) releases an album, it takes only few minutes and you have it on your iPhone or computer, etc. Same thing with Dharma talks, books and retreat info, etc. If you find an interesting book, you order it thru Amazon or whatever and it´s delivered to your door in just few days. Or if you want to participate or find more info about a retreat that´s in another country; you can easily find info from different sites. There are so many different sites about Buddhism and different genres that I´m sure everybody will find what they are looking for.

When I recently joined Twitter I found these amazing and kind people that all have common goal. And that is to practice meditation and Buddhism. Internet enables you to share your experiences about Buddhism or meditation with someone who is located another side of the world.
Especially I´m blown away by this Twitter online meditation group (OMCru), that was founded by @TheZenOutlaw. I find it amazing that you can share your practice with someone who is thousands miles away from you.
To me, that´s the beauty of Internet.